• Does the thought of selecting and applying to the right colleges seem overwhelming?

  • Wondering how to IDENTIFY the right colleges?

  • Worried about how to start?

  • Confused about how to proceed?                                                                                      

  • The numbers of applications received by college and university admissions offices have risen to monumental peaks. The University of Virginia , for example, received 21,000+ applications for spots in this year’s freshman class of approximately 3300.  At Duke, almost 23,000 applied for 1,723 spots.  James Madison received 21,000 for its freshman class of almost 4,000.   On top of that, high school counselors are being asked to take on more and more responsibilities.

Would you welcome the help of an experienced, qualified professional who can:

  • point you in the right direction?
  • answer your questions?
  • help you gather and interpret resources?
  • keep you on track and organized?
  • assist you in self-marketing?


It’s not too early…

While most of our clients at CollegeBound Directions are high school juniors and seniors, it’s never too early to start thinking about college. We offer a special package for 8th, 9th and 10th grade students and their parents. The focus is on learning about college(s), being competitive and making good choices along the way.

It’s not too late…  

 It’s senior year and you still don’t have your first choice identified. Or maybe you’ve only recently determined that college is the best option for you and you’re just starting the process. Or you’re not convinced that college is the best choice and you need to look at a number of options. We have a package for you, too.

Let Dr. Margee Greenfield be your affordable, one-stop resource. She is committed to assisting you to identify and connect with schools where you can be happy and successful and to reducing the anxiety of the college admissions process.

Click on this link to hear Dr. Greenfield’s interview on NPR affiliate WMRA:


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